Skatecase Agenda Clear

 The Skatecase Agenda has been designed specifically for cruising! It has awesome curvature and comes equipped with reverse kingpin trucks and 70 mm 78A hardness wheels. This is the only board in the world with built in storage! 
The Skatecase has a unique curvature that is nearly impossible to mimic with wood. The cut out holes reduce weight and act as grip. It comes equipped with longboard trucks and has hole spacing for standard trucks just in case you choose to swap them out. 


The Skatecase Agenda is designed to cruise! It is 32" long and 10" wide. It has an awesome "Old School" feel with the flat back and curved nose. The storage inside is 10.5" long by 7.5" wide and 1.25" in depth. 

These boards are tough! Reinforcing grooves run from the storage area to both the nose and tail in order to smoothly transition the stress. 

The lid on the boards snaps into place when you close it as there is a rib extending the entire length. There is a matching indention on the board that catches it and locks it into place. The finger groove gives you a place to grab and open the board. 


This is a limited time offer to get our boards for just $120. They will soon be going up to $200. Thanks for the Support! They come with the green wheels and grey reverse kingpin trucks. The current estimated delivery time for the first batch of clear is late April.  

Want to Customize your board colors? Pick your board color, lid color, and wheel color here! The Custom Skatecase Agenda