Ollie Man Playing Cards

Ollie Man Playing Cards


     "Ollie Man" Playing cards go hand and foot with your Skatecase. Characters use their "Groove" and "Steaze" to battle. Playing cards come in packs of 10 assorted cards. There are over 75 different cards and 9 different powerband rings.

    Players may use as many cards as they'd like. We recommend about 10 for each person. Each card has an amount of Groove, which is their health and an amount of Steaze, which is their attack strength. Players take turns strategically laying down cards to try and take their opponent's Groove. Only Groove diminshes. Steaze will always stay the same. Players may only pull a card from the battle ground when it is their turn to attack. Players must leave their card to be attacked after it is played.

     Powerband rings give your cards an added advantage. Green adds 100 points to your Groove. Red gives your character double attack strength. There are currently 9 different rings total each having it's own color and special powers. 

     So come on, find someone who's down with Ollie and get it on!


(Suitable for all ages. A paper and pencil is good for keeping score in this game.)