Skatecase Yoga

Looshes, Skatecase inventor, is all about improving your mind, body, and spirit through innovative platforms. That's the inspiration behind the "Ollie World Board Game" and "Ollie the Skatecase" cartoon series. Skatecase challenges the mind with online video games, board games, card games, and innovation workshops. It works the spirit through coloring books, our online cartoon series, and birthday parties. For the body aspect, well, the Skatecase is a skateboard and skating is great exercise. To go along with that, Looshes, is a lifetime practitioner of traditional martial arts and has developed a set of Yoga/I Chin Ching excercises that we refer to as Skatecase Yoga. Live in Tampa and interested in classes? Check out 

Skatecase Sun Salutation: (exercise #1)


Skatecase Yoga Challenge #1: (Ollie Man Card Grab