Common Q and A

1) Q: Can you actually ride this board?

     A: Yes! Skatecase have over 7 years of engineering and design. They have a curved nose and tail for maximum carving, cut out logos act as grip, and the center storage section has reinforced grooves. 

2) Q: What can you put inside?

     A: You can put whatever will fit inside. The original boards were designed while skating from class to class on college campus. However, people love using their Skateki for going to the park, the beach, downtown, and of course college campuses.

3) Q: Can you put electronics in the Skatecase?

     A: Yes! The Skatecase is lined with a shock resistant foam. We have had people ride with smart phones, tablets, flash drives, and even spin-drive laptops inside for years on end. These boards are safe.

4) Q: Does the added weight of stored items throw off your balance?

     A: No. The center of gravity of the ride is actually lower making you more stable which is the opposite to wearing a backpack which brings your center of gravity higher.

5) Q: Can I do tricks?

     A: Yes, you can do tricks. We have taken our boards to skateparks and even entered contest with them.  Although, we would not recommend flip tricks while storing valuables such as faberge eggs or family heirlooms.