Who We Are

Secret Mission

   Skatecase is a symbol of freedom and a creative future. We attend various events in efforts to inspire young innovative thinkers to follow their dreams. After all, Skatecase was first spotted in a dream. Skatecase was originally created while skating from class to class. "I was studying Engineering at the time and didn't have many things to carry. I decided to put my books in my skateboard." - Alexei Novitzky (Looshes)   With the help of the University of South Florida, the Skatecase patent was issued. (US8317206B1) We now have the general utility patent for skateboard with storage in combination. We've had such huge support from the STEAM communities that we decided to give back.
  We regularly attend, promote, and engage audiences at innovation events across the country. This is where "Ollie the Skatecase" comes from. It's an extension of our innovation efforts in STEAM and years of promoting within the community. We animated our Skateboard into a cartoon character, "Ollie the Skatecase," that promotes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to younger audiences. "Ollie Explorer Boards," are creativity to the max. Inside the skateboard, you'll find a book that teaches kids on STEAM and even tools to help them explore and learn. Good for the mind, body, and spirit, Skatecase is something to be proud of.



Phone: (813)-340-3835 

Email: Looshes@LooshesLabs.com 

Tampa FL.