The Skatecase Agenda

February 22, 2018 Alexei Novitzky

This is a shot of an original prototype that was CNC machined out of a block of solid veneers.

Hi everyone, Looshes here again.

      Whew, what a journey it's been. Dealing with patents, making powerpoints presentations, going to pitch events and everything ending up going full circle. 

     For those who don't know. It all started while I was skating at USF receiving my master's in Engineering. I was so tired of having to carry around both backpack and skateboard that I eventually built the first Skatecase. All I ever had were a few pencils, a notepad, and maybe a TI-83 calculator besides my wallet, keys, and cell-phone. Bicycles were annoying because you had to lock them up outside. The backpack skateboard combo was just a lot to carry all the time. 

    That's when I basically just stacked two skateboards together and made a storage compartment in between the two layers. It was so simple and perfect for me. No more backpack and just a skateboard. My next model was big enough to fit my laptop inside. This was in 2009. It was an Acer which was a spin state computer. Most modern tech is solid state which is much more durable. Anyhow, I rode with it in my board and well, it was awesome. I lined the interior with protective foam and have never once, over the 8 years now, had a problem with any stored electronic. It actually surprised even me because I figured my personals would suffer some damage. 

     Anyhow, I had the board and was attending a class with Franco Lodato. He invented the rubber grip on the tooth brush and the concept of multiple razors on a razor blade. He told me to patent Skatecase so I did. 

     I wrote a provisional patent myself then Franco led me to USF's DPL and they helped me file the non-provisional patent. It only took 3 years and 9 days from filing to be granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. From what I here, that's pretty fast compared to a lot of other patents. 

     So during that time, I figured I'd go out and show off my concept to the skate world to see what they think. Me personally, I'm not really one for competing and so had always strayed form the skate competitions. But I wanted to see what people thought about my boards. Turns out, the support was through the roof, from people letting me stay at their houses to USF promoting me to the Smithsonian Institute. 

    It was truly overwhelming and I had to slow down to rethink. Here I am being reached out to by people such as Good Morning America and I don't even have a finished product. Well, I did, but it was my hand-made model that even I couldn't afford. I needed a product that was more affordable. 

    I had been handmaking my boards for about 3-4 years and each one cost over $500. They would take me about 40 hrs to make and the parts alone up to $300. It wasn't a sustainable model for anyone. That being, The boards were too expensive and I anyone making them would have been getting less than $3 an hr for their time. It was pointless. 

    That's why I have been working for nearly 8 years now to bring you the Skatecase Agenda. It's the best skateboard I could possibly imagine. 

     I had to raise capital though. Here, I just taught martial arts and did other random side gigs. I would never be able to afford plastic injection molding. And so, I searched and also stabilized.  

   I searched and searched. I did startup competitions that literally took me across the states. I refined and refined my models. I traveled, i hosted events, I did everything I could possibly imagine and that's when things went full circle. 

   I started at USF and ended at USF. I ended up raising the capital for the plastic injection molding through USF's Seed Capital Accelerator Program. It almost made everything else I did and all the other pitch events absolutely pointless. However, I see them as experience. 

    And so now, I have the ability to make this truly amazing board, and so I did. The Skatecase Agenda is the finest board I can imagine. It is 32" long, 10" wide. Has 12" by 8" and 1" depth storage. It's super lightweight. The curves are so unique. You literally can't match our curves with wood. It's plastic injected and so we can make any curves we want and the nose and tail just have such a great feel....   To finish it off, our reverse kingpin trucks in combo with the 70 mm 78A hardness and the abec 7 bearings.... It is just so solid. I don't think I can do any better for now.  I just received our first prototype and wow. This is cool. It's an all clear board. We're talking about the swappable lids and etc,, Just too much fun when you throw in Ollie the Skatecase for kids. It has the coloring book, video games, cartoons, and Ollie World Board Game all promoting green technology, sustainability, and education. 

    To me, it doesn't matter if we sell one board or a million. We're already a success and looking forward to the future.