"Real Skaters" ride Anything

February 22, 2018 Alexei Novitzky

Hello, Looshes here again,,,

    Here I will share how the Skatecase is a creation of World Class Skaters. 

  (Looshes and Jimmy Soladay jamming on skateboards in NYC. Jimmy is holding a handmade Skatecase designed specifically for the Broadway Bomb)  

    During my Skatecase journey, I met many different people while on the various jobs I was doing. One of them was Jay Jay. He is a super chill guy. I met him in Tampa FL, while laying down some sheet metal on a roof job. We talked about Skatecase and then months went by.

    This is when I was just sitting at home one day and he called my cell phone. He said said, "Guess who I just ran into in the woods of California?" I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he said, "Laura Thornhill." She is a Hall of Fame skater from California and is one of the people that made skating popular to begin with. She then took over the phone and we started talking and have been in contact since. 

   Laura is a super chill lady. Not only because she has helped me bring Skatecase forward but because she also helped motivate me to get my other inventions moving forward too. The one specifically was an invention I call "blind sight" that is essentially a glove for blind people that allows them to see through feeling. Anyhow, to get back to skating. Laura is also good friends of the owner of Seismic, Dan. Dan has now been helping and we are definitely considering using his trucks and wheels on our boards in the future. Anyhow, Dan, then connected me to the "top secret" manufacturer which I will not disclose and that's where the new Skatecase models are being produced.

   One of the coolest skaters I've met and owner of Kind Skate is a man named Will. He basically is a well known in the longboard race community. He just rides for the fun of it and skating is freedom. One of the coolest times we've shared was when I was asked to make a TV commercial for a seafood restaurant called "Shells Seafood." He actually drove down just to help me out. We got dressed up in fishing gear and made a TV commercial. Will is awesome and he is even building his own line handmade wood Skatecase courtesy of the Kind Skate brand. These haven't been released or approved but I'm sure they are going to be one sweet ride. 

 (Camping with Will before the Clermont Races in FL.)

   I've had help from some of the radest skaters out there. Paul Hurtado from Miami Florida also helped! He invited me to stay at his shop and taught me so much about painting. This man is an incredible skater but what many people don't know if how good he can paint. Specifically, his work on cars. Paul taught me all I know about painting. My hats off to you sir. 

    Skaters help skaters. It's what we do. One of the coolest group of skaters I have met would be the entire Shralpers Union. It's just amazing what these people have done for the surf, skate, and snow community. It's basically a union of skaters that allow you to stay at their houses when traveling or going on journeys. Both Noel Korman and Jimmy Soladay invited to me to stay at their apartments in New Jersey and NYC  while I cohosted the "Broadway Bomb" race with them. 

   This was was super cool. I remember someone at a skate race saying I needed to go to the broadway bomb. I had no clue what it was or what it entailed. However, I made a facebook post. I will trade a board for a place to stay. That's when I received a reply from Noel Korman and he invited me to New Jersey. The second I arrived after my 17 hour drive he took me out on the town. We ended up at his recording studio and playing music until 3 in the morning. The next day we stayed in NYC as we hosted the Broadway Bomb and people absolutely loved my boards. The owner of Concrete Wave, Micheal Brooks, even asked me to submit an article and he dedicated a section of his magazine for me. That was the first time I went to the Broadway Bomb. 

   The second time, I stayed with Jimmy Soladay. I met him in Clermont FL, when he was setting the World Record for the Longest One Wheel Manuel. I forget exactly how long it was, (I think easily over 300 ft.), but it was crazy. He really was only limited by the speed he was going and friction. Give Jimmy a smooth downhill and he can one wheel manuel a mile. Anyhow, I showed him my Skatecase over in Clermont and without hesitation he jumped on it and started skating around. He then bombed a downhill course that was setup weaving in and out of cones all while manueling on the skatecase.

   So the next year, Jimmy, invited me up to help host the Broadway Bomb. We did it and it was awesome. The number of skaters and types of boards where all over the place. There's downhill boards, drop-throughs, trick boards, boards with 150 mm wheels, boards that are 8 ft long, essentially skaters from around the world bring their decks and just ride. All skaters are welcome and it is by far the most intense and extreme event I have ever been a part of. 

   I remember when I was bombing the Williamsburg Bridge towards the end and a skater came flying by. I was already going maybe 30 mph on my Skatecase and this guy flew past me but then caught speed wobbles. His board ended up clipping the curb and he went flying. I had to stop because it was so brutual. I then helped him down the bridge, skated him to the finish line, and called in a taxi to get him to the hospital. He definitely had a broken collar bone and most likely some other injuries that needed to be attended to. One rad, yet dangerous race to say the least. 

   Another fun Hall of Fame skater that you may have heard of is Tony Hawk. I don't have nearly the same connection with him and my conversation was extremely short, but very sweet! Basically, I was in an international "Highway Hackathon," called StartupBus and was traveling from FL to TX for the SXSW. This was intense, USF and essentially Tampa News, (I believe FOX) had been following my progression and they wanted to do a Skype interview with me while I was on the bus. I actually denied this interview because there was so much commotion on the bus.

   Anyhow, the goal of the hackathon was to create teams and pitch a product at SXSW. One of my teammates saw that Tony Hawk was on a radio show and so we called it up. He actually got through and I talked with Tony. He went to my website, saw my boards, and said they were cool and gave me his blessing. It's a pretty awesome feeling when the most influential skaters in the world approve of your board and actually help to bring it to market.  

   Anyhow, "Real Skaters" ride anything. Thanks for reading,