Broken Bones Heal Stronger

February 22, 2018 Alexei Novitzky

Hello, Looshes here again... This time i'd like to talk about the time I shattered my left arm.

Shattering my left arm was definitely a tough time throughout my Skatecase journey. For work, I was mowing lawns, doing handyman work, teaching martial arts, and playing and teaching piano. In fact, I was set for my first "big gig" at Howl at the Moon in Channelside Tampa. Howl at the Moon is a bar that has dueling pianist. However, fate or destiny said otherwise.   

   I was playing in soccer game the weekend before the show. I typically play as center forward. Anyhow, the ball was kicked high in the air to the front. I was running full speed and was going to do a little header just to chip it over the defenders head. The defender was running full speed in order to intercept me. However, he went for a high kick instead. That's when my natural reaction was to block his shin with my forearm while at the same time strategically flicking the ball with my head. 

    I successfully flicked the ball with my head and avoided getting kicked in the face, however after I started sprinting a few steps and I noticed my arm bending in a peculiar manner :). (It was basically bent in half right in the middle. The sound of my bones snapping  was intense as it echoed through the stadium.) I had the defender completely beat and it was just a one on one with the keeper. I thought about continuing the run, but instead decided to take a knee.

    The referee then came over to me and asked if I was ok. I just looked at him and said it's broken. He said, "Are you sure." I showed him while saying, "yeah, pretty sure it's broken." as he turned and gagged a bit from the brutal sight. My teammate Dan then came up to me and asked what was wrong. I said again, "My arm is broken." He asked "are you sure?" I showed him and said the same thing. I kinda thought it was funny as the pattern continued. The defender came up to me and was apologizing like crazy. I told him, "it was ok, don't worry, just stop asking if I'm ok."

    Kinda funny, but my Mom really enjoys watching the games, so she came out to see what happened. She was also a doctor in S. Africa when we lived there. She knew right away I was injured because I've been playing soccer my entire life and I would never just take a knee, especially with a one on one with the keeper.

    She then drove me to the hospital which was on the other side of a pretty big bridge. That's when the pain really started to hit me. The bridge is made of slabs of concrete and there was a little bump in the ride every time we passed to the next one. For me, it was like someone was just bouncing my arm up and down the entire drive.

   I arrived to the hospital and ended up having to have two steel plates put into my arm. The recovery process with this new technology is absolutely amazing. I literally only had a soft/removable cast for three weeks and then just had to do physical therapy. Unfortunately, they only fixed my bones and not the muscle fascia or nerves.

    That being said, I couldn't really even feel my fingertips in my left arm. The weirdest thing about it was that all the chi was gone. I am a lifetime practitioner of martial arts and practice flowing the chi throughout my body during meditations. It was completely gone from my left arm and I felt completely broken in that regard. The bones may have healed in three months but it took at least another three years before I could feel the flow of chi.

   Anyhow, let's jump back to when I just left the hospital. I also had an interview with either Fox or Bay News Nine the week I was released from the hospital. I was on Hydrocodine for medicine and had a sling on from my soccer accident. It was again a funny sight. Here I am saying this revolutionary skateboard is perfectly safe while wearing a sling on TV on top of that being on hydrocodine from the accident.

   And so here I am, I make money using my arms, my left arm is dead. What can i do? I started drawing cartoons. At first just little fun flip book cartoons to lift my spirits. But, ya know me, I'm Skatecase and I thought it would be fun to make a coloring book for kids. I came up with a character called Teddy B and then shortly after decided to just animate the skateboard into a cartoon character called "Ollie the Skatecase." The animations were silly and my nephew actually helped with the voices. We'd just kick it and make cartoons. It then turned into a board game that could fit inside the Skatecase which eventually turned into the "Ollie the Skatecase" board game. I then made a card game, and online video games and incorporated it all into innovation workshops. I started teaching my martial arts students how to do 3D drawings as well as to make their own video games. I call it "Innovating with OIlie." The coolest thing about all that was when one of my students then asked if I would host an "Ollie the Skatecase," birthday party for him. Of course my answer was "yes."

   We made an Ollie the Skatecase cake covered in sugar characters. It was awesome. We even put Ollie Man playing cards and Powerband rings in the gift bags. Again a truly awesome experience.

    So at this point in my training, I can now do "three finger handstand pushups." which was something I couldn't even do before I shattered my arm. So,,, I'd say it's all healed up.

    Anyhow, bones may break, but the heal even stronger.

Thanks for reading :)


   - Looshes