Engineering at it's finest!

The Skatecase Agenda comes from over 8 years of product design and engineering. For the last 7 years we have been making our boards out of wood.  These are awesome works of art and definitely ride. (check out our Gallery!) However, with advances in composite materials and injection molding we can now offer the best cruiser board in the world at an incredibly affordable price point. For more information on the design and engineering check out Engineering behind the Skatecase!


Dominate Your Agenda!
     The Agenda is 32" long and 10" wide at it's maximum which is great for all ages. The storage is 10.5" long by 7.5" wide with a depth of 1.25". Customize your board below. Pick your board color, lid color, and wheel color. Then take a look above! Our preorder campaign is over! The boards will be shipped soon. Thanks for the support! For questions please you can use our live chat, or email