Essentials Only


32" Long x 10" Wide


For Whatever You Need

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

65 mm Wheels

The Ultimate Cruiser

    Skatecase is all about essentials. It's about feeling free, riding with nothing in your pockets and nothing on your back. Skatecase, It's everything you need in a skateboard!

    Our boards are 32" long and 10" wide. They come equipped with super carvy reverse kingpin trucks, soft 65 mm wheels, and abec 7 bearings. 

Engineered For Simplicity!

 Our boards are made of only two parts, the board and the lid. The lid contains one half of both hinge and locking mechanism while the board has the other half. The storage section actually adds strength to the boards design. The "angles" of the box act as stiffeners and any resulting stress transfers through the ridges that extend towards the nose and tail. Injection molding has really given us an advantage. With as few parts as possible, Skatecase is designed to survive the test of time.

Check out the "Engineering of Skatecase" for more info!